About Us

EATHAN – East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network was formed in July 2016 after being conceptualized a year earlier at the 5th Changing Faces Changing Spaces Conference in June 2015. EATHAN was formed to fill the gap of regional trans health advocacy work in East Africa, to provide an East African voice for the trans movement in the region and most importantly to provide necessary support to East African trans individuals and organisations in terms of capacity building, income generating solutions as well as HIV/AIDS and STI access and research.


Our mission is to provide an East African trans* voice in the region’s health & rights advocacy for trans* people through healthcare advocacy & awareness raising, provision of capacity support to trans* organisations and individuals as well as improve and inform research and documentation on trans* healthcare and especially on HIV/AIDS.


We envision a world where all trans* humans live their lives free from stigma and discrimination.


Ours is a collective of trans* individuals and organisations in East Africa.